Music for your Mind

Brain Music


We listen to music to relax, to pick us up when we are feeling down, to change our moods when we are angry or upset and to take our thoughts away from our troubles or pain. Music is a powerful orchestrator of thoughts, feelings and can quickly shape our emotions and moods. With so many ambient and new-age styles of music available, it is fairly easy to find mood altering music anywhere you go.                     

So with all  of these choices, why Meditation Music?     Meditation Music has a very specific intent. The "music" is beautiful and relaxing, but it is not the centerpiece. It serves as a vehicle to guide us deeper into "trance " and meditative states as we enter our own and very personal journey. The compositions are created to have specific emotional contour and are meticulously crafted with the intent of guiding the listener toward an altered state of consciousness.

Binaural Music

Meditation image


Meditation Music with added "Binaural Beats" can draw you into deeper states than music alone. Gently entraining your brainwave activity with a programmed progression from Alpha to Theta, Binaural Beats will guide you quickly into profoundly relaxing meditative states. You can learn more about "Binaural Beats" by visiting our Binaural Beat page.

Our Meditation Music is created to provide a relaxing, long playing track that is uninterrupted by sudden changes. A consistent musical theme will guide you into deeper states of relaxation and will gently bring you back or navigate you into a restful and deep sleep. Each composition has a specific intent.

Light and Sound Machines

Light and Sound Goggles


This is very specialized music designed for synchronization with many types of "Light and Sound" machines that are "Audio Strobe" ready. The meditation music is encoded with special triggers that allow multiplexed light and sound goggles to trigger with the embedded binaural beats creating both audio and visual entrainment.

The multi-colored LED lights in the goggles are synchronized with the beats and are programmed to respond to, and enhance the music. A Light and Sound Machine is required to experience the full and powerful potential of this meditation music.

Medittion Music and Trance



Meditation and Trance Music is created with the specific intent to guide a listener into an altered state of conciousness.    Meditation, Trancendental Meditation, Prayer and the many other meditation practices are generally about emptying one of thought.    We move our ego and rational mind out of the way to become receptive to spirit.   

Trance Music finds it's roots in Shamanic Drumming. This technique is practiced by many diverse cultures around the world and can induce significant trance states in most people through the increasing intensity of the rhythms.    Trance Music and Shamanic Drumming can induce both profound states of deep meditation and states of hightened awareness.

Understanding and Creating Binaural Beats


Visit the "Binaural  Entrainment" link at the this of this page  to learn more. 

Here you will find a series of short articles explaining how Binaural Beats work to create altered states of consciousness, how they are used in different applications, and how to create Binaural Beats for your projects.

"There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance"   -buddah-

Music for Healthcare



Music for meditation and health care is often a very personal creation. Guided meditations are specifically scripted and recorded for use in the supportive treatment plan of a single individual. This approach allows us to create a unique and very personalized music therapy session to help calm anxieties and fears while allowing a quicker entrainment response. 

Incorporating natural soundscapes and music beds chosen by the patient or recipient can serve to provide a personal sense of control in their treatment options.

All "Guided Meditations" are scripted by trained professionals currently working in health care.          NLP   (Neuro-linguistic Programming) scripts are sourced from NLP practitioners who are trained in behavior modification.    Signature Audio provides the music and entrainment tools used by professionals and the production environment to create the finished product.