Gordon McDonald

Composer, Arranger, Jazz Pianist and Multi-Keyboardist


Gordon McDonald

Composer, Arranger, Multi-Keyboardist


With over 35 years of professional experience, Gordon brings a genuine passion to the music.    He is currently performing with The Live Jazz Project (LJP), Soundstage Rhythm Orchestra, The Jazz Express  (Big Band)   and as a solo performer.

Continuing projects include the composition of specialized music embedded with "Binaural Beat Entrainment Technologies," for use in meditation and alternative medicine. "Signature Audio" is the commercial production facility designed specifically for the creation of music beds and "Audio Logos" for use in advertizing, film and T.V.

Gordon has toured with various rock, blues, and jazz ensembles and has performed with several regional Big Bands, Orchestras, and with Musical Theatre productions. His education is extensive and alma mater(s) include Mt Hood Community College, Southern Oregon State College, (now S.O.U.) and the prestigious North Texas State University. (now U of N.T.) Studies were focused on composing for Film, T.V., and commercial audio logos. (Joined ASCAP in 1976 and the AFM in 1977)


Original Binaural Beat Enhanced Music

Integrating music with supportive health care provides a clinically validated intervention for many physical and mental conditions.    We have long understood the power of music to control the spirit, but it has only been the last decade that we have seen tangible and visible interactions between the physical brain and music.     Physiological changes in heart rate, respiration, hormone levels, and blood oxygen levels can be actively observed when listening to specific types of music.

Our specialized compositions are created to guide an individual towards a vary specific state of mind. Using Binaural Beats that are subtly layered within each of the musical tracks, we can elicit a wide range of target responses in brain wave activity. Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brain states are achieved by synchronizing with the embedded binaural beats.

While the principal application for enhanced music is prominently used in alternative medicine and Music for Guided Meditation. Enhanced music can also stimulate heightened response in creativity and learning making it an excellent choice for training videos and neurolinguistic behavior programming. Please visit Brain Music for more information on our binaural beat Enhanced Music. 

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More About Gordon

Gordon at the keyboard

Performer and Jazz Pianist

Currently performing with several ensembles including the Jazz Express Big Band and The Live Jazz Project


Executive Chef

Gordon is also an accomplished Executive Chef with a diverse career path extending into hotels, casino,  national manufacture, restaurants and healthcare.     

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Pumpkin Carver

A seasonal passion for Halloween includes Pumpkin Carving, often for charities and fund raisers.

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